My Stories

Captain Logan and Queen’s Wharf

Josh Arnold’s Queensland Songs

Where the Bruce meets the Sea

Mangrove Pencils

Sweet Potato

My Life in Bugs

Relics of War

The Isa

Those Post-War Houses

Bottle Trees

Managing a Queensland Summer

Muddy Water

On the Road with Helena Rubenstein

Wallumbilla Station

Road Trip to Ingham

Bridges of Brisbane

“The Worst Time of Year for a Journey”


Hazards Under the House

Brisbane’s Suburban Charm

Queensland at Christmas

Syphoning Petrol



Brisbane Icons: Fig Trees and the Story Bridge

The Queensland Border 2020


Brisbane Burnett Inland Rail Trail!

The First Jacaranda

Cooktown, 250 Years after Cook

Going to the Melbourne Cup

Glimpsing Bradman

Good to Go!

Gully of Leeches

Bull Dust and Corrugations

Thursday Island

Drunks on the Mt Isa Train

Wool Sacks Epidemic


Oxley’s Brisbane

Cuddling in Magdalena


Cemetery Birds

Golden Gumboot

Bindy Eyes

Romancing the Bunya


Banana Cup

Currumbin Swell

German Station

Snake Stories

Great Northern

History on the Map

Queensland Songs

On the Queensland Railway Lines

Apple and Grape

Losing a Wheel

Isabel’s Death

NAPLAN’s Queensland Stories



Major Mitchelling

When Dad came home From Changi

Burdekin Bridge

Rail Trails

Willy Wagtails


Black Soil

Horror Stretch

ANZAC Stories

“It’s the Freedom!”

The Immigrant Rose

Reading Queensland

Bowen Arrow


Artists’ Eyes

Walking to Warwick

Uniquely North Queensland

Counting Prawns

Walking on Granite

Carnarvon Gorge

Kahlua and Milk

Goodbye, Sunlander

Crocodile Watch

Windmills and Whale Tails

Speeding Tickets

Kerbside Pickup

Brisbane Gardens

Sugar Town

Relay Excitement

Cherries to North Queensland

Miles to Go

Princess Helen

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