How to preserve a flood-damaged item

So much damage, and more rain to come. This is timely advice from the Queensland Museum.

The Queensland Museum Network Blog

The recent weather event and flooding in Queensland and northern New South Wales has sadly destroyed many homes and the personal items they contain including photos, important documents and valuables. All hope is not lost, if you act quickly now you may have a chance of recovering some of this items. While for many the immediate focus will be cleaning out homes, there is a chance to recover some important items. Remember if there is an opportunity to freeze items such as images and photographs, that will give you time to work on them in the future.

Here are some tips from the team at Queensland Museum on how to preserve a flood-damaged item:

Safety is priority – if it’s flooded, forget it!

Only enter a flooded site when it is safe to do so. Wear protective equipment including closed-in shoes, gloves, face masks and safety glasses.

Set up a…

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      1. We’re all good. The front yard is a swamp. Everyone in our family who lives in Brisbane is also fine. Which is a big relief. Our daughter and son in law are mourning the loss of the beautiful walking and cycling track along Kedron Brook.

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