Julia Creek Dirt N Dust Festival

Great story and photos about Julia Creek, which held their festival again this year, just a couple of months after the dreadful, destructive floods that killed up to 700,000 head of stock and destroyed fences and other infrastructure and closed the railway line.

Woolly Days

julia creek.JPG

Julia Creek is a small town of about 300 people situated 650km inland from Townsville. It’s normally a fairly quiet place except for one weekend in April when it swells to ten times its population for the Dirt N Dust Festival.


Dirt N Dust Festival is centred around one of the toughest triathlons in Australia and also has a music festival, a rodeo and races that brings people from all corners to pack the town. The festival started in the 1990s as locals looked for ways to put the town on the map. The triathlon began with a handful of competitors but gained traction when organisers hit on the idea of coming it with the other events on the same weekend. It’s now one of the highest funded Tourism Queensland projects outside Brisbane.


The fun started on Friday afternoon with some celebrity bog snorkeling. Bog snorkeling is an ancient Irish…

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  1. I was writing a post about Julia Creek’s recent Dirt n Dust Festival, held so soon after the flood disaster, and in the process found yours. Hope you don’t mind me reposting it on my Queensland blog.


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