Seven Hills: a walk through Ancient Rome in Brisbane

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By: Rose O’Brien

6kms (approx.)

This walk begins and ends at Morningside Station. After following the bushland tracks of Seven Hills Reserve, we visit all of the seven hills, named when subdivided in the 1890s after the Seven Hills of Rome, before making our way back to the station.

  • Walk down Richmond Rd. Turn right on Bonar St then left on Britannia Ave.
  • Turn right at Blackwood St and go to the end to enter Seven Hills Bushland Reserve.
  • Walk up the track, cut left at the first fork then right on to the Seven Hills track, and follow it to Lossock Ave/Tranters Ave.
Seven Hills Reserve
  • Turn right on Tranters Ave to Hill 1: Esquiline Hill, on the bend in Tranters Ave.
  • Keep following Tranters Ave. Turn right at Viminal Hill Crescent to Hill 2: Viminal Hill.
  • Continue down Viminal Hill Crescent to Stanley Rd and turn right through the first roundabout to Porteus Dr. Follow Porteus Dr to Caelian St and turn right to Hill 3: Caelian Hill.
  • Walk back down to Porteus Drive and turn right. Follow Porteus Drive to Claudia Rd and turn left. Turn right on Aventine St, to Hill 4: Aventine Hill.
Distant view of Flinders Peak from Aventine Hill
  • Go back to Claudia St, turn right and follow it to Oateson Skyline Drive.
  • Cross Oateson Skyline Drive and turn right. Walk up Quirinal Crescent to Hill 5: Quirinal Hill.
  • Follow Quirinal Cres to Hill 6: Capitoline Hill.
  • Continue on Appia Ave and turn left on Aemilia Ave to Hill 7: Palatine Hill.
  • Cross Palatine Hill Park and walk down the Heritage Pathway to Majestic Outlook.
  • Turn right on to Darcy Rd, then left on Walker Ave. Follow Walker Ave across Agnew St and up to Foxton St. Turn left.
  • Turn right on Ethel St, left on Ernest St, right on Hurd Tce, then left on Horsington St to Waminda St.
  • Cross Waminda St to Morningside Station.

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