Holland Park to Garden City via Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve

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By: Rose O’Brien

Distance: 6.5kms

A walk with enough uphill grind to make it slightly challenging, tracks through lush bushland, and some interesting streets.

  • Start on the eastern side of Holland Park West Bus Station and turn right on Bapaume Rd.
  • Turn right immediately on to the shady 500m cycle/ foot path that goes behind Holland Park High School. At Gaza Rd, turn left.
  • Cross Gaza Rd at the roundabout and head up the rough track on the western side of Mt Gravatt Special School. At the top, walk across the park to the southern section of Bapaume Rd.
  • Follow Bapaume Rd down the hill, and cross Gaynesford St. Here Bapaume Rd ends at a bushy easement. Follow the left-hand side of this easement, scramble over a small gully and walk up a foot pad to enter Mt Gravatt Reserve.
  • Turn left in the Reserve and follow Goodenia Track up dry rocky stretches about 400m to the Acacia Way track.
  • Take Acacia Way to the right and follow it through greenery to the Geebung Track, turning right and heading down hill to the reservoir. Notice plantinSmall Bird Habitat - 2 May 2017gs and signage installed by Mt Gravatt Environment Group.
  • Follow the track down beside the reservoir to the top of Azanian St.
  • Walk down Azanian St, left into Arafura St and right into Timor St (all named after seas) and walk down to Klumpp Rd.
  • Cross Klumpp Rd at the lights and walk left 100m and take a concrete path on the right, leading down the hill to Roly Chapman Bushland Reserve.
  • Cross Mimosa Creek and take the right-hand path to Hoad St. Turn left.
  • Turn left at Meckiff St and left to Sobers St – a short loop backing on to Mimosa Creek.
  • Back on Meckiff St, turn left, cross Mimosa Creek again and keep going up Nagle St (This estate was built on a golf course, and the streets were named after golf, tennis and cricket players).
  • Turn left at Pickworth St, then right on Cremin St and walk to Kessels Rd.
  • Walk right and cross at the lights to Macgregor St. Cross Macgregor St at the zebra crossing. Walk further up Macgregor St to the Busway Station.

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